📍 Irpinia Wine Tour and lunch
An amazing journey through traditions and places of food and wine production.
⏱ A guided walk of around 7 hours
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In the heart of Campania region there is an area called Irpinia (the Latin word is Hirpus which means wolf, so Irpinia is “The land of wolves”) where men work in the fields in harmony with nature and the seasons.

Irpinia is famous for its full-bodied red and white wines. In this land of woods, wolves, castles and hazelnuts cultivation are produced three of the most elegant and important Italian wines: Taurasi, “the king” of the southern Italian red wines, and two noble white wines, Greco di Tufo and Fiano di Avellino. These wines are very mineral because the soil is affected by its proximity to two ancient Vulcans, Mount Vesuvius and Mount Vulture.

Enjoy our tour and discover a unique boutique winery, located in the small rural village of Paternopoli at the center of Irpinia, in a territory rich in traditions, gastronomic specialities and place to visit. The winery is constructed of wood using bio-architectural techniques and materials aimed at environmental sustainability. The production is about 10.000 bottles of red wine, Aglianico and Taurasi.

With our private guided tour you can discover the origins and the production of these wines starting with a visit of the vineyards. In the cellar you will discover the winemaking and aging process of the Taurasi. The visit will end with a delicious wine tasting, where the fine wines will be paired with local cheeses and cold cuts.

After the winery visit you will take part to and amazing culinary experience in a typical restaurant where a seasonable full meal will be served with homemade pasta and wine pairing and local gastronomic products.

Before you go, do not forget the dance… In Paternopoli ancient culture there is a famous folk dance, called “Tarantella”. The name was associated by the bite of a spider “Tarantola”, on the belief that the dance was variously a result of, or a cure, for its bite. If you want to be part of a dance show you can join a group of professional dancers after the lunch and learn this popular and typical dance of the South of Italy.
The wine lovers, but not only them, can’t miss the opportunity to spend a day in Irpinia, the green heart of Campania!

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  • Explore the most hidden places of Naples
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  • ​Guided Tours
  • ​​Winery visit
  • Wine tasting
  • ​Lunch
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